CV Writing Services – How to Choose The Best Provider


Your CV is the gateway to your career – but writing the perfect CV is the first hurdle to landing your dream job. Every little detail matters, from following the correct formatting to avoiding spelling mistakes and crafting an attention-grabbing cover letter. Creating an impactful CV isn’t easy. That’s why candidates choose to invest in a professional CV writing service like CV Experts.

Our professional CV writers will create a fully customised CV that is keyword-optimised to work with application tracking systems (ATS) with the right information to grab the recruiter’s interest.

It’s not just about polishing off your old CV. Hiring a professional CV writing service will give you the extra peace of mind that your application will tick all the boxes. Almost 60% of recruiters reject applications due to poor grammar and spelling mistakes, believing these reflect a lack of proofreading and carelessness.

A professionally written CV gives you a head start against the competition and increases your chances of securing an interview. CV writing services are an investment in your career progression and streamline the application process.

At CV Experts, our professional writers have worked with hundreds of candidates to get them to the interview stage with fast turnaround times, competitive pricing, and a 100% satisfaction guarantee. We’re sharing our advice on how to choose the best CV writing services to create an interview-winning CV.

How Does a CV Writing Service Work?

There are several benefits to working with a CV writing service. While they’re an investment, they’re often more cost and time-effective than writing your own CV. There are common misconceptions about CV writing and plenty of clickbait advice on social media. Many of the ‘new rules’ for CVs can actually land your application in the rejection pile. Overly designed CVs with unprofessional fonts and flashy borders are off-putting for more than 40% of recruiters.

Working with a CV writing service is the best way to curate a professional CV guaranteed to get you to the interview stage. A professional CV writer will work with you to get the information they need or use a previous CV as a base to work from. While it might take you weeks to work on your CV, a writing service can get the job done within just days. If you’re on a time crunch or applying at the last minute, a CV writing service can give your application an edge over the competition. 

You can think of a professional CV writer as being a second set of eyes to look over your application. They’ll bring a fresh approach to your CV and will have unique insights from working with hundreds of other candidates. These professional writers know what works – and what doesn’t! They’ll identify the gaps in your CV and highlight your strengths to give you the best chance of getting to the interview stage.

Hiring a CV writing service can also make you feel more confident about the application process, with valuable insights into your strengths as a candidate. If you’re making a career transition or returning from a career break, these insights can be crucial to making your CV competitive.

How to Choose the Best CV Writing Service

Not all CV writing services are worth their price tag. You’re trusting a professional writer to help you unlock your career potential, whether you’re currently unemployed or hoping to take the next steps in your career.

We’re sharing our guide on how to choose the best CV writing service and what to look out for when comparing providers.

  1. Is the CV writing service reputable?

Start by deciding if the service is reputable. Have a look at their digital footprint. Do they have online reviews on their website and third-party sites like TrustPilot? Are they established within your industry, and do they have a team of writers?

Make yourself familiar with their unique selling point (USP) and how their service works by exploring their website or social media profiles. You want to make sure it’s a company you can trust to write a professional CV.

  • Compare their pricing structure

A professional CV writing service can cost hundreds. Not everyone can splurge on a CV writer with a three or four-figure price tag. Set yourself a budget for a CV writing service before you start looking. Most writing services will offer several tiered packages with additional extras like cover letters and LinkedIn biographies costing more.

At CV Experts, our professionally written CV packages start from just £60 with keyword optimisation and formatting.

  • Does it comply with ATS?

Most CVs aren’t approved or rejected by a human – instead, they go through an application tracking system (ATS). This system is what applications go through initially, allowing recruiters to automatically scan and assess the suitability of CVs. A CV writing service should be able to beat the ATS and get your application in front of a human.

Professional CV writers will use keyword optimisation and understand how ATS works, crafting your content with industry-specific jargon to get it through to the next stage.

  • Does the service offer a guarantee?

The best CV writing services will stand by their work and offer a guarantee. Most services will provide complimentary revisions within a specific timeframe or if you’ve not received an interview offer.

CV Experts offers a 100% satisfaction guarantee and a 30-day money-back guarantee. Your package includes free revisions, allowing you to work with your writers until you’re happy with your CV.

  • Customer reviews

Don’t just rely on the CV writing service to tell you if they’re worth the price tag. Search for customer reviews across the internet. Less reputable CV writing companies will post false reviews on their website and create empty profiles to look like legitimate reviews.

You should be able to find customer reviews on third-party platforms like Google, Facebook, and TrustPilot. When in doubt, ask your professional network for recommendations for a CV writing service.

  • Targeted resumes

Most CV writing services will have a team of professional writers. You want to have a targeted resume written by a professional with experience navigating the recruitment process within your industry or niche. While professional writers can adapt their writing, you want to work with someone who has insights into your sector and knows what recruiters are actively searching for.

At CV Experts, we’ll match your profile with a specialist writer with experience in your sector. You’ll never get a generic CV, as your dedicated CV writer will tailor their writing to highlight your strengths, experience, and professional background.

  • Timescales and delivery times

Reputable CV writing services usually won’t offer a 24-hour turnaround without an additional fee. Companies that offer these services are usually providing more generic CVs at a lower price point. With CV Experts, you’ll have your first draft within 48 hours, making it an affordable option that is ideal for last-minute applications or candidates needing a quick turnaround time.

While you’ll get your first draft within 48 hours, you can continue working with your dedicated writers until you’re 100% happy with your CV.

  • Customer Service

Customer service is what sets CV writing services apart from each other. While you’ll usually get your first draft within a few days, you’ll probably end up working with your writers back and forth to create the final draft. That’s why customer service matters.

At CV Experts, you’ll communicate with your writer over email, or you can contact us any time using our 24/7 free customer support line.

Working with a Professional CV Writing Service

Investing in your CV is one of the best things you can do for your career. Your CV is the passport to the next step of your career and the first hurdle you have to overcome to get an interview. A professional CV writing service will give you a head start against the competition with a customised CV that highlights your strengths and grabs a recruiter’s attention.

You have just seven seconds to make an impression, with most recruiters deciding within the first minute whether a candidate is suitable for an interview. Give your CV a competitive edge by working with professional writers who have helped hundreds of candidates secure interviews throughout a diverse range of industries.  

Get an Affordable Professional CV with CV Experts

CV Experts is an affordable professional CV writing service that offers fast turnaround times with a 100% satisfaction guarantee on all our CVs. Our professional writing team have unique insights and experience, committing to creating interview-winning CVs and cover letters. We strive to help you take the next step in your career, whether you’re a recent graduate, returning from a career break, or transitioning to a new industry.

You’ll work with a dedicated writer on your CV who will be matched with you to suit your industry and professional background. They’ll work with you until you’re 100% happy with your CV with free amendments.

Are you ready to take the next step in your career? Order an interview-winning professional CV for as little as £60 with CV Experts.

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