Should a CV Be Totally Honest?


Honesty is always the best policy – especially when you’re writing a CV. It’s easy to fall into the trap of believing you can get away with lying on your CV.

Research by OfficeTeam shows that 46% of professionals know someone who has been dishonest on their CV, with over 50% of recruiters suspecting candidates have lied on their CV. 38% of hiring managers have removed applicants after uncovering misinformation on their application.

You might think you can slip under the radar by lying on your CV, but these lies can be easily exposed – and at a high price. If a recruiter or employer discovers you lied on your CV, you might be removed from the application process or fired from your job.

Our professional CV writers are sharing their advice on why you should be honest on your CV to avoid losing out on job opportunities.

  1. Employers Conduct Background Checks

Recruiters know that candidates lie on their CVs. That’s why they conduct background checks and ask for references. You can expect them to ask your references about any specific projects or examples you’ve included in your CV. Even a small lie can set alarm bells off for recruiters, who will take it as a sign of dishonesty and might compromise your entire application.

Platforms like LinkedIn and company websites make it easy for recruiters to quickly check the information on your CV. 70% of workers have admitted to lying on their CV, including for things like job titles, responsibilities, length of employment, and the number of people they managed. This information is easy to verify with your previous employer or through LinkedIn.

  • You’re Holding Yourself Back

Lying on your CV means you’re cheating yourself and adding even more stress to the recruitment process. You’ll go through the interview stage and the first few months at your job worried about your employer finding out about your lies. It’s the worst way to start a new job and will distract you from making that all-important first impression.

If you’re lying on your CV, the chances are that you’re not spotlighting the things you actually can do. Working with a professional CV writer can give you a fresh perspective on your application and highlight your strengths and experience.

Being dishonest on your CV will also hold you back in the future by preventing you from finding the right job to further develop your skills. You might miss crucial training opportunities and fall behind later in your career.

  • It Becomes Obvious When You Start Your New Job

Don’t jeopardise your new job by lying on your CV. Your CV and interview sets the expectations for what your employer and supervisor will expect you to be able to do in your new job. If you fail to demonstrate the skills on your CV, it can lead to you having poor performance in your role and the hiring manager realising you lied on your CV.

Many companies consider dishonesty on a CV to be a reason for termination, even if it’s uncovered years after you get the job. If you lose your job for this reason, you won’t be able to use that company as a reference in future applications, and you’ll have to explain why you left that position. Deleting the company from your CV entirely can leave you with an awkward career gap that’s difficult to explain without repeating the cycle of dishonesty.

Instead, invest in a CV writing service to get a high-quality CV that is optimised for ATS and accurately reflects your skills and experience. A professional CV writer will ensure that your application is an honest reflection of your abilities.

  • Damages Your Credibility

Recruiters and hiring managers talk to each other – especially in small industries. Lying on your CV can seriously damage your credibility and reputation in your industry, making it difficult for you to find another position going forward.

If you were recruited through an agency, they may blacklist you if they discover your CV had deliberate exaggerations or outright lies. That’s why our CV writers work closely with you to create a CV that showcases your skills and abilities with legitimate examples and references.

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