How to Write a CV – 13 Tips to Get You an Interview


Your CV is the secret is landing your dream job. Research shows that recruiters spend just seven seconds looking at CVs before deciding if a candidate is suitable for the role. You have seven seconds to make that all-important first impression with your CV.

Writing your CV is the first hurdle to jump over when stepping up the career ladder, whether you’re a recent graduate or applying for a promotion. At CV Experts, we’re committed to helping you realise your potential with our interview-winning CV service that help you stand out from the crowd.

Our professional writing team have extensive experience working with candidates throughout every industry. They know how to craft attention-grabbing CVs with actionable words and key phrases that’ll get you a call-back for your career-defining interview.

Getting to the interview stage is the biggest challenge of job hunting, and your CV is the tool to get you there. With CV Experts, you’ll get an ATS-compliant CV custom-written and tailored just to you.

Your CV is how you market yourself to potential employers. You want to present yourself as the best candidate for the role and grab their attention. Our guide below offers actionable tips and tricks on how to write a CV that will get you an interview with your dream employer.

What is a Curriculum Vitae (CV)?

A CV is a document that provides an overview of your work history, education, and professional training.  It acts as the main part of your job application and is what makes the initial impression on potential employers. They’ll use your CV to determine whether you’re a suitable candidate and if they’re interested in inviting you for an interview.

Your CV will be compared to other applicants for the role. Potential employers will accept or reject your application based on the quality and suitableness of your CV and cover letter. Getting your CV right is the only way to guarantee an interview.

How to Write an Interview-Winning CV

Writing a CV isn’t easy. You have to strike a balance between underselling yourself and avoiding overselling yourself. Your CV should always be tailored to the specific role you’re applying for, meaning you might need to make tweaks and adjustments for each application.

Our CV-writing tips below are the advice our expert writers offer potential candidates looking to take the next step in their careers.

  1. Your CV format and structure matter

You have seven seconds to make an impression. Those first few seconds are crucial to securing an interview, so the format and structure of your CV matter. Avoid choosing a busy layout that can be confusing for recruiters. They should be able to easily navigate your CV and find the necessary information at a glance.

Your CV should have separate sections with text breaks to make it easy to read over information. Most recruiters will set a page limit for CVs, and it’s best to restrict your CV to one or two pages at most.

  • Use your CV to highlight your growth

While CVs are a chance to talk about your achievements, don’t forget to focus on personal growth. Show how you have changed and grown as a professional in your previous roles. Life-long learning is the new norm for professional careers, and your CV is an opportunity to show your commitment to evolving within your career field.

If you’re a recent graduate, talk about your university experience or previous internships.

  • Structure role descriptions correctly

You want to include more than just your previous job titles. Structure your CV to include a brief overview of your previous roles to demonstrate the value you brought to each position and highlight your achievements. The preferred structure for CVs is to offer a brief summary, followed by key achievements and responsibilities in bullet point format.

  • Add an introductory profile

The start of your CV should feature an introductory personal profile. Think of it as your elevator pitch. It’s likely the first thing a recruiter will read and gives you the chance to hook them in. Sell yourself and your experience while setting out your short or long-term goals. Your introductory profile is a great opportunity to explain why you’re changing industries or coming back from a career break.

  • Research your potential employers

The first step to writing an attention-grabbing CV is to research potential employers. You should adjust your CV to suit each employer with relevant keywords to get your profile through the application tracking system and in front of a human. Compare your skills and achievements with the job description, linking them up where possible to tick all the boxes.

  • Avoid focusing on duties and not achievements

One of the biggest mistakes people make with CVs is highlighting their duties and not their achievements in previous roles. Potential employers want to know what value you brought to your previous companies, particularly your most recent ones. You can focus strictly on achievements for roles from over a decade ago.

If you’re coming back from a career break, make sure to include this in your introductory profile. You can include recent non-business-related achievements that reflect the transferable skills you can bring to the position.

  • Use CV Experts

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  • Triple-check your CV

Check, check, then check again. Writing your CV is a time-consuming process and eventually, you’ll get tired of looking at it. That’s how spelling mistakes, grammatical errors, and typos make it into your final application.

Take a break before looking at your final draft to check it with fresh eyes. Ask a friend to read through it for you to check for errors, including the dates in your application. You don’t want to make an error that might get caught out during your interview.

  • Showcase your industry experience

If you’re applying for a role in a specialist field, you want to show your industry insights. Demonstrating your industry knowledge will help you stand out against the competition and secure an interview by showing you’re proactive and on top of the latest trends.

  1. Highlight your education and professional qualifications

Don’t forget to include your educational background, including any professional qualifications. Your most recent achievements should be at the beginning, working backwards from there. You don’t need to include everything, such as your GCSEs unless they are specifically asked for in the job advertisement.

  1. Give examples as evidence

Anyone can say they achieved something at a company. Avoid making empty claims by giving specific examples as evidence of the value you brought to previous roles. Short examples will help your application stand out and make it more credible to recruiters.

  1. Find your unique selling point

Every candidate has a unique selling point (USP). It’s what sets you apart from other candidates, whether it’s a specific skill or industry experience. Determine what your USP is and highlight it throughout your CV. It should be compelling enough to pique the recruiter’s interest to get you to the interview stage.

  1. Include your interests and hobbies

Your CV should offer a snapshot of who you are as a person. Include a brief summary of your hobbies and interests to give recruiters a full picture feel of who you are as an individual.

Recruiters want to interview well-rounded candidates who are more than just their previous job title. Avoid mentioning anything religious or political in this section.

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