What Should You Avoid When Writing a CV?


Writing a CV isn’t easy. You have less than 10 seconds to get a recruiter’s attention. Common mistakes can send your CV straight to the bin. It’s just as important to know what to avoid as it is to know what to include in your CV.

Hiring a CV writing service to create a professionally written CV is the best way to avoid common mistakes with your job application and increase your chances of landing an interview.

At CV Experts, we work with hundreds of applicants to create professionally written CVs that get them to the interview stage. Our CV writers are sharing the common CV writing mistakes you want to avoid when applying for a new job.

  1. Incorrect Formatting

Formatting is crucial when writing a CV. It should be clear and easy for recruiters to read with the formatting giving an instant overview of your application. 75% of CVs are rejected by application tracking systems (ATS), with poor formatting being one of the common reasons.

We recommend avoiding getting too creative and sticking to a clean font, such as Ariel or Times New Roman, with a 10 to 12 font size. Having a simple and concise format will make it easier to avoid common CV mistakes.  

  • Spelling Mistakes and Grammatical Errors

First impressions are everything. The content in your CV is how a recruiter will judge your ability as a candidate. Spelling mistakes and simple grammatical errors suggest a lack of attention to detail. It’s an instant turn-off for recruiters, many of whom are trying to shortlist candidates from a large volume of applicants.

Working with a professional CV writing service gives you the peace of mind that your application is error-free. If you’re writing your own CV, use tools like Grammarly to double-check your spelling and grammar. If you’re applying for jobs in the UK, ensure you’re using British spellings and not American.

  • Exaggerating or Lying On Your CV

It’s easy to think you can get away with lying on your CV. 85% of recruiters agree that candidates will typically inflate their experience but lies are easy to detect. Recruiters will fact-check your academic background and ask your chosen referees questions based on your CV to ensure it is correct.

Lying on your CV could end up costing you a job offer if a recruiter discovers your deception after or during an interview.

  • CVs Longer than 2 Pages

Most CVs should be between 1 to 2 pages. Your CV should be short and concise while offering an overview of your experience. 77% of CVs are less than 2 pages, the preferred length for corporate recruiters. Very few applicants require a CV longer than 2 pages. These longer CVs are typically for jobs in research fields where projects will need to be explained or summarised.

  • Lack of Examples and Evidence

A generic CV won’t get your application through ATS. Your CV shouldn’t be full of empty statements. The best way to make your CV stand out is to provide clear examples to back up your claims. Any candidate can say they have problem-solving skills, but providing a specific example of when you’ve used these skills will make your CV more credible to recruiters.

  • Incorrect Contact Information

You can get so focused on writing your CV that you forget to double-check the little things. Putting the wrong contact information is one of the worst mistakes you can make on your CV. A recruiter might be interested in calling you for an interview, but they won’t be able to reach out because your email address or phone number has a mistake.

  • Ignoring Gaps in Your CV

Most gaps in employment are easy to explain: a career break, childcare responsibilities, or sickness. If you have a gap of several months or years on your CV, you’ll want to explain this, as long absences can be suspicious to recruiters.

It’s not uncommon for careers to have a break. Most recruiters need an explanation of what you were doing during this time.  Your cover letter is a great opportunity to explain any gaps in your employment history and your future career goals.

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